New Printable Bookmarks

by Kay on September 30, 2013

I sure hope you like to eat a good snack while you read, because you’ll definitely be craving something sweet if you use the 30 new bookmarks at Each one is decorated with a sweet or savory treat on a pretty, colorful background.
Ice cream cones, fudge sundaes, chocolate muffins, cheesecake and more desserts make up the bulk of these sweet bookmarks. They look even tastier as they are set against bright blues, reds and yellows and topped with sprinkles, cherries and frosting. These are perfect for picnics or gifts at birthday parties.

The rest of the cooking bookmarks are great for chefs both amateur and professional, and can be used to mark favorite recipes in cookbooks. These include pictures of steaming soups, wine, vegetables and fruit. has a grand total of 300 bookmarks, as well as 65 bookplates. They feature everything from holiday themes to sci-fi and animals. All of them are available for free as PDFs, to be printed, cut out and taped together as instructed. Additionally, the entire collection is available for only $11.

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