Free Printable Business Forms

by Kay on October 2, 2013

Anyone who runs a business, works in a business or is trying to be hired by a business knows how much paperwork is involved. That’s what I have a huge new batch of printable business forms at Because official record-keeping and legal requirements are so important, most of the 54 new additions are affidavits and requests for authorization.

I’ve now got a whole new category devoted just to affidavit templates. These legal documents are handy for official purposes that require a notary signature. By filling in your own information where lines are provided you can testify as to proof of your identity, residence, marriage, heirship or title.

I also have a handful of new authorization requests. These are provided to give you an idea for how you want to word a formal or diplomatic request for a raise, a bank statement, a birth certificate or divorce records. Just replace the bold text with your own information, or feel free to play with the format entirely.

The documents are free to download and print as a PDF, or to customize as a DOC file.

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