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by Kay on December 2, 2013

A new year is on its way, and besides a large selection of 2014 calendars, I also have a site that offers datebook-style planners and refill pages suitable for use any time of the year. There are 47 new printable planners at

I decided, with this round of additions, it was time to make a new category devoted entirely to student planners. Decorated in gold and maroon lettering, each template contributes to a comprehensive academic binder. While they’re great for any student, these are specifically designed for high school graduates and college students. There are basic essay and test trackers, daily schedules and calendars, but there are also university applications, budgets and course schedules.
A lot of the new additions are task planners, which cover a variety of scheduling and planning needs. There are lesson plans decorated with colorful triangle patterns that are perfect for teachers preparing a syllabus. There are also colorful menu planners and project timers.

I have more than 350 planners at, and they are all available in the size that works best for you. The smallest size is the Mini-Organizer and is only 2.75 x 5”, while the largest, the Executive-Organizer, is a full-sized page. They all have guides for a three-hole punch and are available for free as a printable PDF or for $4 as a DOC file that can be edited in a word processor.

If you’d like to try different sizes or simply have all the templates available on-hand, I recommend getting every single template in one big planner collection.

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