Free Writing Prompts for School and More

by Kay on November 27, 2013

I’ve got good news for teachers of all ages: there are 25 new expository and creative writing prompts up at If you ever need a quick writing assignment or a fun way to spark inspiration, try a few!

Some of the new prompts are meant specifically for civics, government or social studies classes. They are geared toward raising awareness of current events at different age levels and incorporate newspapers and online news sources. Other, more creative prompts for students include questions about summer vacations and traveling, which can be a great way to transition from the summer holidays into the school year.

Finally, there are some fun, creative prompts for writers at any stage, student or otherwise. These include prompts for holidays like Earth Day or Labor Day, memoir questions for those writing an autobiography, and theater prompts for budding playwrights.
There are nearly 90 writing prompts for persuasive, narrative, instructional and conditional essays at They are all free to download, edit and print as a DOC file. Each set of questions is categorized by its appropriateness for Elementary, Middle, High School and College students.

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