New Printable Christmas Stationery

by Kay on December 20, 2013

I’ve added dozens new printable stationery templates to, including Christmas stationery and industry-specific designs, plus abstract images and city skylines.
The new stationery additions feature a number of people engaging in their careers. This includes a dancer onstage, an actor in full costume dress, an editor going over a manuscript and an acupuncturist, well, poking people with needles.

Additionally, people living in Atlanta or Dallas will enjoy the silhouetted skyline of their city on my new urban stationery templates.

The holiday designs include: snowmen, Santa, bells, Christmas trees, wreaths, and more.
There are 435 stationery templates at, and an additional 125-plus letterhead templates at its sister site, All of these templates are available on a CD-ROM collection for $37, or you can download, customize and print the DOC documents individually for free.

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