New Condolence and Goodbye Letters

by Kay on December 23, 2013

Farewells are difficult for everyone, whether it’s saying goodbye to a community or helping a friend through the loss of a loved one. That’s why I have 15 new goodbye letters at and 12 new condolence letters at Use them for inspiration, as a fillable template, or just to help you find the right words for your own situation.

The farewells range from the temporary to the final with the new batch at Students can say goodbye to sports teams and coaches, coworkers can notify each other of impending vacations or maternity leave, and parishioners can update their church on a pending mission trip. Some of the more permanent goodbye letters are for resigning or terminated employees, priests moving to new churches, and addicts saying goodbye to their dependences. has new additions that cover different situations as well as specific relationships. There are general outlines for consoling a neighbor, a coworker, a son, an in-law and even a stranger. Then there are specific templates for military deaths, floods, divorces and non-religious mourning.
There are 93 templates available at and 92 available at, all of which are free to download, customize and print as a DOC file. If you need help finding the words for other difficult situations, try looking at the 100-plus complaint letters at and the 111 apology letters available at

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