Free Coloring Pages Site Adds Drawing Grids

by Kay on January 15, 2014

Wow! With my batch of 100 new coloring pages, I now have more than 4,000 printable coloring pages up at! It’s a very popular site for artists of any age, and I’m so glad to be bringing in more variety, this time for kids who also want to learn to draw.

Everything in the new batch is part of a new animal drawing category. These are great guides for learning to draw everything from ladybugs to pterodactyls to cows to crabs to turkeys. Basically, it becomes really easy to draw any bird, fish, insect, or mammal.
Each animal drawing is divided into two grids. On the top grid, a picture of the cute animal is divided into squares to make it easier to copy. The bottom grid is blank and perfect for trying out drawings of varying difficulty. Step by step, this serves as a tutorial for basic lines, shapes and details.

The 4,057 templates at are all free to download and print as a PNG file. Popular categories include animals, holidays, fantasy, and plants.

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