New Printable Cash Receipts

by Kay on January 17, 2014

If you’re a small business looking for either traditional or “cute” cash receipt template, then look no further than the 15 new receipts up at

I’m targeting specific fields with my new business receipts that are custom-designed to fit the services for an auto shop, a daycare, a photographer, an airline and a valet service. They can be used as online receipts or can be printed two to a page. Each one has a colorful header or a picture that fits the theme, such as ducks for nurseries and a broken car for an auto repair shop.
Especially useful for the New Year are the receipt trackers that I have up. The tracker and receipt log help keep track of purchases and transactions over the course of different weeks or months. There is also a year-end receipt, which is helpful to provide at the end of the fiscal year for tax purposes.

Whether you need receipts for donating, thanking customers, online transactions, rent or deposits, has a template that will do the trick. Free PDFs are available, as well as an editable version that costs $7 and can be used in Microsoft Word.

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