Free Printable Bookmarks for Cookbooks and More

by Kay on January 20, 2014

For some reason, some of the best bookmarks always seem to be the ones featuring a tasty snack. I don’t know what it is, except maybe that a good book and a sweet dessert go together so well on any occasion. Maybe that’s why I’ve got more than 60 new printable bookmarks that are almost all made up of delicious food and drinks.

There are quite a few new fruit and vegetable food bookmarks in varying stages of anthropomorphism. These include smiling bananas and cherries; rows of watermelons, pears, and grapes; and garlic and ginger concoctions, all on cheery backgrounds of bright, solid colors.
There are also a number of beverage bookmarks for the people who enjoy a little something harder with their literature. Whether your drink of choice is a foamy beer, a classy martini, or a glass of wine or brandy, there’s a theme here for those long winter nights.

There are nearly 400 bookmarks that you can use at This site is arranged by theme more than subject, with gothic, romantic, western, mystery and sci-fi themes available. Just download the free PDF, print on card stock, cut out and fold along the lines, and tape together. If you don’t have card stock, print it on normal paper and laminate it when you’re done so that it lasts longer.

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