New Printable Resumes

by Kay on January 22, 2014

There are 17 great new resume templates up at While I can’t offer interactive or video resumes (at least not ones that are printable,) I am bringing in engaging new formats, patterns, colors and layouts.

Anyone in the arts knows that you need a bright, eye-catching resume to even get your foot in the door. That’s why I have colorful resumes now that also employ icons, symbols and layouts that popular infographics tend to use as well. Each one draws the eye to different sections, while the colors and patterns make the whole ensemble pop.
For the more business-oriented, there are also formal resumes with new features such as branding statements and testimonials from satisfied customers, clients or employees. These can do a lot to focus your drive and sell your credibility.

There are 162 academic, business, functional, chronological and informal resumes at Each DOC file is free to download and edit in a word processor before printing and using for interview purposes.

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