Printable Page Borders

by Kay on January 27, 2014

I’ve added a whole bunch of new printable page borders to that are festive and party-themed, making them great for thank you letters, correspondence and even picture frames.

The new holiday page borders are particularly great for parties, especially birthdays. Designs range from the abstract, such as curlicues, zigzags and stripes, to decorations such as confetti, party hats and wrapped presents.
There are a lot of patriotic page borders in this new batch for several different cultures. A lot of borders are made up of flags, but the colors are designed to resemble the American flag and the Mexican flag. There’s also a frame of the Eiffel Tower for French vacationers and some beer and pretzel borders that are great for Germany’s Oktoberfest.

The 300 page borders can be downloaded and printed for free and are wonderfully versatile, since they come as PDF, DOC, PNG and JPGs. Common themes include school, holidays, recreation and nature. Whether formal or informal, they’re all beautifully decorated and lots of fun!

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