New Printable Paper

by Kay on March 4, 2014

I’ve got 30 new printable paper templates up at that are especially useful for young students learning to write well. I also have new variations for note paper and lined pages.

A lot of kids struggle to make their letters a uniform size. That’s why I have penmanship paper with handwriting lines that start at half an inch and increase in size by one-eighth inch all the way up to 1 and a half inches. Teachers for students of any age can find a use for these, and they come in portrait and landscape orientations.
For people who have trouble reading or writing on a white page, there are new variations of colored pages up now. These have white lines and backgrounds that are pale shades of red, yellow, and gray. It can make focusing easier for those suffering from problems such as dyslexia.

Finally, there are new foldable booklets that are a clever way to divide a single sheet of paper into a folded pamphlet with either 8 or 10 individual pages. Creative kids will find lots of ways to use the booklets, and can choose from lined and unlined pages. They all come with guidelines for how to fold the page correctly.
Overall, I have 1,231 paper templates that can be downloaded and printed for free as PDFs from There are forms for school use such as graph paper, music paper, isometric paper and logarithmic paper. There are also fun templates for comic books, games, dot paper and score sheets. If you want more than a twelve hundred templates in one place for work, school and fun, the paper collection is available for only $39 as one quick download.

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