Free Apology Letter Templates

by Kay on March 7, 2014

I’ve always said that the sample apology letters at are great as a fillable template for putting sincere repentance into words. However, if you’re a movie star who has to apologize for plagiarism, it might be better to just use these new letters as more of a guideline.

The new apology letters range from professional to personal this time around. Plenty of them are intended for everyday office problems, like apologies to customers for incorrect shipping, wrong addresses, email errors and hacked accounts. Others are more serious, like apologies for libel, slander and misconduct. If you’re guilty of those things, you may also need the apology letter to your boss that helps you ask for your job back.

There are also plenty of personal apology letters that are great for family, friends, and partners. These include apologies for betraying trust, spilling a secret, forgetting a date and losing a borrowed item. These, as well as those apologizing for wasting time, bad attitudes and forgeries, can be used to help children learn to apologize for misbehavior.

There are close to 150 apology letter samples currently available at for general and personal reasons. Some of my other sites that are useful for similar issues include with 180 complaint letters, with 116 goodbye letters, and with 117 condolence letters.

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