St. Patrick’s Day Printables

by Kay on March 13, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! A quick lesson for my non-Celtic readers: “Patty” is actually the feminine diminutive a la “Patricia.” “Paddy” is short for “Padraig,” which is the original Irish spelling of “Patrick.” So make sure that you say “Happy St. Paddy’s Day!” during the holiday this year.

However you pronounce the name, you can find plenty of fun St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages at Great for classroom activities or party favors, each picture shows leprechauns, shamrocks, pots of gold, and foamy beers (but those are probably best for adults only!) Each picture can be downloaded and printed for free as a PNG file.
Other great classroom printables include the St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts at Elementary and Middle School students can answer questions about what wishes they would make, a holiday party they would like to throw, and their good luck charms. The prompts are available to download, edit and print as free DOC files.

Classrooms shouldn’t get all the fun. Share the holiday spirit through the workplace too by using the St. Patrick’s Day fax cover. It shows St. Patrick trying to fax the snakes out of Ireland, which is certainly one tactic to try.
St. Patrick’s Day is all about having fun and celebrating community and heritage, so feel free to send a St. Patrick’s Day greeting card with a picture of clovers, horseshoes, bugs, butterflies, or pots of gold from PDFs are free to print and a customizable version can be purchased for $4 and edited in a word processing program. If you’re giving out presents to friends and family, use the Saint Patrick gift tag from It’s available for free as a PDF or DOC.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Sláinte, and Happy Printing!

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