Printable Tooth Fairy Letters

by Kay on March 18, 2014 has dozens of letters from for the Tooth Fairy to leave for children. Now, though, I’ve got a new category and 12 new Tooth Fairy letters that help kids have a more interactive experience.
For instance, there is now writing paper decorated with a fairy and a tooth that is perfect for writing a response letter to the tooth fairy. Kids can ask questions or make requests, or just practice their penmanship. There are also several tooth forms that record the tooth transactions. The tooth fairy can now provide dental records, a cute receipt, or even a check if she happens to be running low on cash!
I also have new general letters that cover new subjects. Teach kids about other cultures’ traditions, request a lost or missing tooth, and even tease an adult about losing their wisdom teeth.

All of the letters, poems, and forms at are fun, informative and illustrated with cute graphics and bright colors. There’s even an official tooth fairy signature at the end of each letter so that you know it’s the real deal. The templates are free to download and print as PDFs or $5 for a DOC file that can be customized in Microsoft Word or its equivalent.

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