Flash Cards and Word Searches

by Kay on March 20, 2014

It’s time for midterms for many of my student readers this month, so now is the time to check out the new printable flash cards at PrintableFlashCards.net and the new word searches at FreeWordSearch.net.

Dozens of new additions are available at PrintableFlashCards.net, bringing the new total to 286 flash cards that are free to print and use. Popular categories include science, language, music, literature, childhood development and math flash cards. New subjects include microbiology, economics, ethology, weather, nutrients and musical rhythms.

The best part of PrintableFlashCards.net is that you can make your own flash cards using the free flash card maker. Write out questions and answers and print them as either 4 or 6 cards per page. Cut them apart and get studying!
For people who like a little more fun with their learning, there are hundreds of new word searches that cover every subject you could possibly want. You can learn traditional topics like science, math, history, and politics, but there are also fun categories that include religion, holidays, family, sports, movie and literature flash cards. Popular topics include Twilight, Cell Structure, Christmas, Romeo and Juliet, and Star Wars.

Like the flash card maker, you can make your own word search with the free word search maker. Just list the words you want included and choose a size and difficulty level to customize your own puzzle for classes, clubs or just good old fun and games!

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