New Hardship Letter Templates

by Kay on March 24, 2014

There are a lot of good reasons for requesting a modification, exemption, discount or withdrawal. If you need a template, I have 24 new hardship letters at that are perfect for requesting help with any situation.

Most of the new additions focus on different reasons for why someone could reasonably request short sale, forgiveness, or restructuring. So if you’re a single parent, disabled, relocating for your job, closing your business, or recovering from a natural disaster, you can use these samples to put your own setback into words.

Some of my most popular letters of hardship are used to modify mortgage or medical payments, which can be shockingly high. That’s why I have new requests for short sale, to avoid delinquency, and to prevent eviction. There’s also a medical exemption request for the new, national health care changes.

There are more than 100 guides available at for mortgage, medical and academic issues. Each one is free to download, edit in a word processor, and print. Some of my other sites that are useful for similar issues include with 150 apology letters,, with 100 complaint letters, and with 140 thank you letters.

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