Printable Invoice Templates

by Kay on March 27, 2014

I understand how tough and time-consuming it is to run your own business, especially one in a creative field. That’s why I have 20 new printable invoices that are ready-made and easy to use. Many of them are dedicated to helping businesses involved in the arts gain new clients and keep existing ones.
A good flyer or subscription form can tempt people into signing on for all kinds of stuff, which is why my new purchase orders are colorful, formal, and even decorated with small illustrations. These are designed specifically for magazine, newspaper, theater, cable, and internet packages that clients can either sign up for or renew. Invoices are also available, so that the whole transaction goes smoothly and doesn’t cut into start-up costs.

Creative employers might also like the new colorful invoices for labor and services. One is colored red and decorated with suns, while the other has nice, clean blue lines. These are great for caregiving and event services, and they add a festive touch. There are also some basic invoices that are helpful for bank fund transfers, utility records, rent payments, and auction bids.
There are nearly 200 invoices at that cover not only invoices but billing documents, expense reports and credit memos. A PDF version can be downloaded, printed, and written in by hand, but I think the $7 DOC or XLS is the better deal. Those open in word processors and spreadsheets respectively, and are already formatted to calculate the formulas that are inserted.

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