Printable Chore Charts

by Kay on April 1, 2014

Kids need motivation to get things done. That’s why my 16 new chore charts provide timed schedules, rewards, and praise for success in order to keep daily life running smoothly.

The new classroom chore charts help students prepare for new activities with picture schedules for activities such as washing hands, lining up, going to lunch, taking a field trip, silent reading and doing art. There are also study charts with different subjects depicted in colorful graphics.
If your child requires a bit more motivation, there are reward chore charts including a chore thermometer that tracks and praises success, and a reward punch card, where a child may receive a prize for doing homework or chores without being asked. However, for the kids who just need a firm hand, try the ”Just Do Your Chores” approach.

All 90 templates at are free to download and print as a PDF. In some cases, an editable DOC file is available for a few dollars. The PDF can be printed and written on by hand, while the DOC version can be edited in a word processor.

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