Character Reference Letters and Testimonials

by Kay on April 4, 2014

If you run your own business, you know how helpful word of mouth can be. That’s why I have a new category of testimonials at These glowing recommendations for hotels, fitness trainers, teachers, and programs can be used for websites or ad blurbs. Encourage your customers and clients to personalize them for your business!

In addition to testimonials, I also have quite a few court character references for those who want to help family and friends who are defendants in a trial. These include requests for leniency or dismissal in domestic abuse, joint custody, deportation, or social service cases. There are also several templates for parents who are adopting or looking into the foster care system. has 114 templates designed for general, personal, academic or court situations. Print them as a Microsoft Word DOC or copy and paste the samples from the website. These are great as inspiration or a template for your own specific situation.

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