New OpenOffice and LibreOffice Templates

by Kay on April 7, 2014

Good news for my readers who use open source software! There are 25 new LibreOffice templates and OpenOffice templates at the open source printables sites and
Most of the printables at the sites are offered in a DOC version so that they can be edited and customized by users, but some templates don’t work well outside of Microsoft Word. That’s why printables with ODT and ODS compatible designs and formatting are being added to my open source sites. Free printables should save you time and effort as well as money!

Some of the new additions have subtle, but very important, formatting. These include the printable resumes for applicants who are looking for a job. Some have a colorful border, some have two columns, but they all cover the basic resume structures: chronological, academic, and functional. Each one can be modified for various experience backgrounds.
Other design-heavy templates include the personal and business letterhead sheets, which are decorated with various illustrations such as blue waves, brown headers, and thin lines. There are also cute and colorful family trees, order forms, and fax cover sheets.

All of the templates at and are free to download, edit, and print as an ODT or ODS file. Both sites feature 66 of the most popular printables available on the websites in categories covering health, finances, school, legal issues, and work.

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