Fooling Around With Printables

by Kay on March 30, 2011

I’m a big fan of pranks, but only if they’re clever, well-played and no one gets hurt. When it comes to April Fool’s Day, one of the down sides of being self-employed is I don’t have any officemates to play tricks on. Then again, I don’t need any trouble from an overzealous HR department who doesn’t see the humor of a Parking Violation sign on a company car.
Parking Violation Sign
I have teenage daughter, and, as you might expect, I am kind of a “goofy dad.” I wonder how she’d take to me posting a Biohazard sign from on her door?

I thought of a good prank that even my preschooler could do: stick labels on random things throughout the house: the toilet, a jug of milk in the fridge, and so on. You’ll be finding labels on stuff months from now, much like running over old Easter eggs with the lawnmower.

Whatever mischief you get into, have a great April Fool’s Day and enjoy the printables!

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