Free Fax Cover Sheets

by Kay on August 2, 2011

telegram fax

When you send faxes, whether it’s via an office machine or the handy service at, it’s often nice to include a cover letter, so the receipt immediately knows what they’re getting and why they’re getting it.

I’ve added 11 new fax cover sheets to Most of the new fax cover sheets are functional in design. For example, there’s a cover sheet on which to detail an insurance claim, a cover sheet that is also an order form, and a cover sheet for wire transfers. There are also a handful of fun, old-fashioned designs that look like telegrams and hand-stamped postmarks.

There are nearly 200 designs to choose from at, so take your pick! There are cover sheets for business as well as funny fax cover sheets, holiday themes, and even faxes for kids.

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