Recommendation Letter Templates

by kevin on July 5, 2017

When you’re asked to formally vouch for someone, it’s hard to find the right words. Making this task easier is the aim of the sample recommendation letters and articles at I’ve just added two dozen new letters, bringing the total number of templates at the site to 257.

The new letters include recommendations for employees, students, businesses, and more.

The new letters for the workplace include some for job-hunting such as a letter for a coworker who has been fired, a letter for a boss and one for a freelancer. There are also letters with wording for specific jobs such as high school counselor, actor, or politician.

I’ve also added letter templates recommending people for: Master of Laws, culinary school, drama school, and the Peace Corps.

There are also new letters vouching for: a repair person, a camp counselor, an electrician, a voice coach, a catsitter, a dog walker, and a housesitter.

This batch of additions even includes a couple of letters for rare, extreme situations, such as a “weak recommendation” and a letter with very casual language.

At, you’ll also find articles with tips on how to write a recommendation letter, plus how to frame your request to someone writing one of your behalf.

The site also letters speaking highly of potential adoptive parents, court defendants, immigrants seeking citizenship, renters and interns.

The letters are all free to download and print. The best way to use them is a starting point to write a letter that best suits your own situation. To get started, cut and paste the text directly from the site or download a DOC version that can be typed into in Microsoft Word.

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