New Printable Paper Includes Dots, Grids and Lines

by kevin on January 8, 2018

My site has dozens of new printable paper designs, including new variations of dot paper such as grids with two, three, four, six, or eight sets of dots. These can be used to solve math problems, make art, and more. There’s also new full-page legal and ledger dot paper.

There are now 1,754 printables at ranging from lined and graph paper to specialty papers and games. There’s calligraphy paper, penmanship paper (including new designs), music paper, brochures, budgets, score sheets, and paper for crafting.

There’s a free option for every printable at

There’s new penmanship paper, including Korean manuscript paper for lettering practice and French ruled letter paper as well as landscape-oriented, college-rule lined paper and narrow lined paper designed for writing from right to left.

Other new specialty paper includes yellow legal, paper with dotted lines and ruled paper with gray squares that overlap the lines.

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