New Websites Convert to Decimals; Simplify Fractions

by kevin on January 3, 2018

My two newest websites, and, are helpful math resources that, as their names imply, convert fractions and percentages into a decimal and reduce a fraction fto its simplest form.

These websites are more than just calculators. features pie charts and sample problems that illustrate solutions and help users recognize patterns so they can learn how to convert numbers from one format into another.

At, simply type in any percentage or fraction and the site will instantly convert it, up to five decimal places, and display a pie chart as a visual aid. There are also hundreds of example problems instantly accessible at the site. is a sister site to, which allows users to convert fractions and decimals into percentages and, which converts percentages and decimals into fractions. not only simplifies fractions; it displays the steps that go toward the solution so students can learn the process. Besides the calculator, the site also has sample fractions with a variety of numerators and denominators.

Just enter any combination of numbers into the calculator, even improper fractions, and instantly see the simplest fraction along with stages of simplification and common divisors, plus a pie chart.

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