Hardship Letter Templates

by kevin on March 5, 2018

A hardship letter is often the way to go when you’re facing a tough financial, legal, or personal situation. The 228 sample letters LetterOfHardship.net can help.

These templates provide a jump start to finding the right words in stressful situations.

I’ve just added 21 new templates. They include suggested wording for diabetes management supplies, psychology services, mammography, lifting restrictions, and school restroom accommodations.

Other sample letters relate to business, and there are letters to the Internal Revenue Service as well. There’s a letter for “extreme hardship,” one explaining a loss of income, and a letter about a reduction in work hours.

You’ll also find letters relating to: property maintenance, power bills, car repair, temporary housing assistance, child support, guardianship expenses, and utilities deposits.

LetterOfHardship.net also has articles with tips on how to write hardship letters in general as well as for specific cases.

While the letters are free to download, customize, and print. Download them in DOC (Microsoft Word) format or cut and paste the text directly from the site. Then, type over the sample text to adjust the wording to suit your hardship situation.

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