Free Printable Paper

by kevin on June 5, 2018

My site, which I launched more than a decade ago, now has a whopping 1,800 varieties of printable paper, thanks to just-added styles of lined, grid, and dot paper.

The new grid and graph paper includes letter-sized designs with two, four and eight lines per centimeter. The new dot paper has isometric circles and is available in letter and ledger sizes.

Also new is two-column lined paper, including French ruled blue paper. There’s also new note paper, such as different configurations of Cornell note paper and other styles that incorporate lines, grids, dots, and blank areas on one sheet. has everything from music paper and printable budgets to specialty paper and penmanship paper. There are also comic pages, 3D paper, games and score sheets.

There is a free version of everything at the A few categories, such as budgets and score sheets, offer a
free PDF version and a $4 editable DOC version for those who wish to customize the printable in Microsoft Word.

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