Free Printable Rulers

by kevin on July 10, 2018

This site of mine really “measures up.” Oof! OK, bad puns aside, has dozens of free, ready-made printable rulers. I recently added even more.

There are now 80 measuring and drawing tools at site, including new rulers for home, school, work, and hobbies. has new zero-center rulers, right-to-left rulers, mini
pocket rulers, a square ruler and many more standard and metric rulers.

New to the site are: a meter stick, a yard stick, and a measuring tape to print out and assemble with tape. Two new protractors are available in the standard 180 degrees and a full 360 circle. also has several page layout rulers and hobby rulers, plus professional rulers.

I’d like to mention one tip: For the most accurate measurements, be sure your printer settings are at 100 percent.

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