Apology Letter Templates

by kevin on October 30, 2018

If you’re looking for just the right words to say you’re sorry, my site ApologyLetters.net hundreds apology letter templates for your free personal use, and I’ve just added dozens more.

You can use these sample letters as a jumping-off point to write a message that suits your situation. Just find one that’s close to what you need and adjust it as-needed. If a letter is exactly right, free free to use that wording.

I’ve added letters tailored for both personal and professional apologizes. For the workplace, there are letter templates for: missing a deadline, inappropriate Twitter use, and sending a “not safe for work” message. Other letters offer to fix a mistake or ask for help rectifying an error.

Some of the apology letter templates are intended for businesses to apologize to customers or clients, and include regrets for injuries, late delivery, a rude employee, and cancellation of an order, reservation, or event.

Other letters at ApologyLetters.net address: missing a rehearsal, ruining a trip, causing an injury, losing contact with someone and other unfortunate situations. A couple of letters help users say they’re sorry being a jerk.

The site also has tips and how-to articles with advice on how to write a letter of apology.

Downloaded any letter instantly in editable DOC form that works with Microsoft Word or another compatible program. Or, just cut and paste the text directly from the site.

It’s never too late to say you’re sorry!

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