Printable Character Reference Letters

by kevin on February 20, 2019

Need to vouch for someone? Want someone to vouch for you? You’ll want to take a look at the new character reference letters templates at

I’ve just added 20 new sample letters, bringing the total of letters at the site to 248 letters at the site. They’re all free to download, customize, and print

In addition to sample letters for both business and personal situations, has articles with tips asking for or writing such a letter.

You’ll find letters relating to employment, education, court proceedings, and other situations.

The new letters include templates with wording recommending: a lawyer, a law clerk, and a contract worker. There are also references for law school, school awards, and a high school job.

There are sample letters framed from the perspective of a sister, brother, or parent. Some letters share positive attributes of someone struggling with addiction. One template addresses “good moral character.” The site also has letters relating to foster care, adoption, immigration, probation and parole. also has several new testimonial templates, which are briefer than letters and formatted for sharing with clients of: a surgeon, a music teacher, a child therapist, a handyman (or woman). and a roofer.

Any letter can be downloaded instantly in DOC format so you can edit it in Microsoft Word or another compatible program. Or, just cut and paste the text directly from the site.

Some of the letters complement the resume templates and cover letters at and

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