Hardship Letter Templates

by kevin on December 5, 2018

Writing a hardship letter is rarely easy. In many cases, my site LetterOfHardship.net can help with this overwhelming task. There are 243 templates at the site designed to request leniency and empathy for financial and other matters.

The site also has articles explaining how to find the right words for a hardship letter in a rage of situations, but in most cases address financial hardships.

LetterOfHardship.net has new templates explaining late mortgage payment, letters to health insurance carriers and letters concerning court fees. Other recently added letters include a neighbor cost-share request and a library fine.

Other letters address school-related hardships such as not being able to afford school supplies or a class trip. I’ve also added templates for requesting fee waivers for the ACT or GMAT. There’s also a letter for an MBA program application.

Each letter provides a starting point for crafting a letter that suits your specific situation and downloads instantly in DOC (Microsoft Word) format for easy editing. Or, just cut and paste the text directly from the site.

LetterOfHardship.net is a sister site to my other sites with letters, which include the apology letters at ApologyLetters.net, the resignation letters at ResignationLetters.biz, the cover letters at CoverLetterExamples.net, the complaint letters at ComplaintLetter.net, the recommendation letters at LettersOfRecommendation.net, and the letters of intent at LettersOfIntent.co.

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