Resignation Letter Templates

by kevin on July 18, 2019

Are you ready to move on from a job, volunteer position, or other role? My site has nearly 250 resignation letters to help you find the right wording to say you’re leaving.

I recently added 20 more sample resignations to the site and they range from casual to formal and some are long while other are brief. Most of them are positive resignation letters, but a few are negative letters. Negative, bridge-burning resignation letters are rarely appropriate, but if you’re in that type of situation, I’ve got templates for you.

The grateful and positive letters reflect on one’s retirement, feelings upon leaving and resigning after being convinced to stay.

The newest negative resignation letters at cover refusing to train a letter takes on a sarcastic tone.

Some of the just-added letters help people resign from specific jobs. Other new letters suggest wording for quitting a band or theater production.

Another new letter is designed for quitting a volunteer position at an organization whose mission has changed. There’s also a new letter for leaving a church. Another letter references going to the “Dark Side.”

I’ve also added a confidential resignation letter, a letter that lists outstanding projects, a letter clarifying vacation pay due, a letter for resigning due to relocation, and a letter addressing health challenges.

Any letter at downloads instantly in DOC (Microsoft Word) format and is free for personal use. The site also has several articles with tips on writing an effective resignation letter.

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