Sample Hardship Letter Templates

by kevin on July 30, 2019

When you need to find the right words to express a financial or other need, head to my website I’ve added even more hardship letter templates, each free for personal use.

This site offers 263 letter templates that provide a starting point for crafting the best letter for your situation. It’s especially helpful to have this jump start when you’re already stressed out due to unexpected circumstances.

The topics covered in the letter include mortgage and medical issues as well as court and academic situations.

The new sample letters deal with matters such as: readmission to a college, bank loans, retracting a donation, proposing installment payments, and late rent and other payments. A few letters cover hardships due to natural disasters.

The mortgage-related issues address “payment shock” due to an adjustable rate and a loan modification request.

The medical letters include a request to be taken on as a new patient. also has new letters of appeal for: a tourist visa, death benefits, a scholarship, and college admission.

The site also has several articles with tips on how to write a hardship letter.

Each letter downloads instantly in DOC format and can be edited using Microsoft Word or another compatible program. complements the apology letters at, resignation letters at, cover letters at, complaint letters at, recommendation letters at, and letters of intent at

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