Classroom Printables

by kevin on December 13, 2019

I’ve added new classroom printables to, and the site now has almost 1,500 printables for students, substitutes, and homeschooling parents.

The printables range from hall passes and seating charts to worksheets and classroom management forms, and they’re each free to download and print individually.

The new teachers printables include illustrated flash cards, grading tools, and various forms.

Just-added parent communication forms include absence reminders, tardy slips, and authorized pickup lists. There are also new logs such as a typing skills trackers and an “items borrowed” list.
The new attendance charts at include weekly and monthly personal attendance records for one class or multiple classes. New grade book paper has been added. There’s a group project evaluation, a reading level chart, and a student progress chart.

The new set of flash cards has photos or graphics of actions, activities, objects, and emotions. They’re ideal for educators working with students who are visual learners or have communication challenges.

Also new to the site are printable photo frames for the student of the day, week, and month. Teachers can send them home with kids or display them in the classroom or hallways. The site also has graphic organizers, library forms, a Teacher Organization Binder with coordinating pages, and much more. There are thousands of worksheets at sister site has lined, graph, penmanship and specialty paper.

The items at download one at a time for free in PDF or customizable DOC (Microsoft Word) format. Or, there’s the option to purchase a classroom or whole-school license to conveniently download everything at the site at once and have a license to reproduce them for use in a classroom or school. The classroom printables collection includes bonus papers from A classroom license is $27 and a whole-school license is $67.

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