Printable Flag Business Cards

by kevin on December 3, 2019

Three dozen new business cards featuring national flags have been added my site

I launched this site way back in 2005 and continue to add new business cards. There are now nearly 1,700 from which to choose, and each is available in a free or paid versions. The cards are free with a subtle site URL embedded in image while a version that lets users remove the URL is just $3.

The flag business cards feature backgrounds from nations of the world and complement nations already represented at the site. The 38 countries in this set of additions include: Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, United Kingdom, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vatican City, Venezuela, Vietnam, Wales, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many more.

These flag cards can be used by diplomats, contractors, students, and so on. The flags’ colors are sudued so information can still be easily read over the background. also has save-the-date cards for events, monogram cards, business cards for kids, and political business cards.

The site also has a free resumes at while others match stationery at

Any card at can be downloaded, edited and printed for free with the site’s URL at the bottom. The $3 premium version allows the URL to be deleted. Users simply open either version in Microsoft Word or another DOC-compatible program and type their information into the business cards. The free, instantly-generated cards (blank, photo, and QR code) download as PDFs with the site URL embedded.

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