Free Printables for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

by kevin on January 10, 2020

New printables are available for computer users who use the open-source word processing programs OpenOffice and LibreOffice. The websites and now have more than 300 printables apiece, each free to download and print.

The Open Office and LibreOffice forms, charts, and other items download in .ODT and .ODS format, to by used by those who have chosen open source software rather than Microsoft’s Word.

The free printables are comprised of popular items from a variety of sites and include family trees, illustrated invoices, receipts and medical forms.

Also new is a handmade gifts log, a cleaning to-do list, an online purchases record and a monthly bills tracker. Got zombies? A Zombie Survival Award certificate is included, too. Or, download certificates for adopting a stuffed animal or gardening. and also have planners, checklists, invoices, business cards, and more. All are specially designed to open in OpenOffice and LibreOffice when DOC files don’t always work.

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