Printable Page Borders

by kevin on January 18, 2020

I’ve added two dozen new printable page borders to and the site now has nearly 1,000 designs.

The borders can be used for stationery, flyers, signs, frames, and other purposes.

There are new dog borders with the breeds of: corgi, golden retriever, greyhound, Labrador, terrier, and poodle.
New seasonal and holiday borders include colorful autumn leaves and a barbecue. There are also smoky-look borders as well as formal borders with colorful waves. Other new borders feature graphics of: angels, barbeque, dump trucks, martial arts, sailboats, and a taxi. also has sports borders, nature borders,. religious borders, and monogram borders.

Everything at the is free to download and print in PDF, DOC, PNG, or JPG format. The $7 AI version that can be edited with Adobe Illustrator is intended for graphic designers who want to edit a design.

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