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by kevin on January 28, 2020

Have you checked out my newest site, This daily printables site is a fun new addition to the family. I hope you’ll bookmark and check back daily to see vocabulary words, holidays, puzzles, planners, calendars, daily heroes, and more.

I’m super proud of this new site. You can click to download free printables, and enjoy exclusive new content presented in a dynamic fashion that changes each day. is a great resource for teachers, too. All of the site’s elements are displayed at once, so it’s easy to learn the words of the day, see official or unofficial holidays, and check out what’s new at the sites.

There are two words of the day: one for children and a tougher vocabulary word for adults or precocious kids.

The featured holidays include U.S. holidays and traditional celebrations as well as lesser-known holidays such as Handwriting Day, Compliment Day, or National Tooth Fairy Day. Each holiday is accompanied by a link to a related printable.

The heroes recognized in the illustrated worksheets at are diverse (especially in terms of gender, sexual identity and orientation, and race) and include trailblazers and innovators such as Rosa Parks, Leonard Matlovich, Flossie Wong-Staal, Sally Ride, and Frida Kahlo. There’s a photo short biography.

The site also displays a weekly planner and a monthly calendar to download and print for free.

Bookmark now and check back daily to see what’s new!

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