Rejection Letter Templates

by kevin on February 25, 2020

Need to reject someone or something? is a great resource for anyone needing to send a rejection letter, and I’ve just added even more sample letters.

These templates help you find the right words to turn someone down, whether in a personal or professional setting. now has 84 rejection letter templates in all.

There are letters for turning down a job or business proposal and letters for when you need to reject a job applicant or promotion. You’ll find templates related to finance and housing.

Other letters cover personal rejections such as cutting off contact or declining an invitation. The newest personal rejection letters at address event invitations, romantic date requests, and other overtures. The site also has sample letter templates for responding to rejections.

Also new is wording for: rejecting a donation, rejecting a political endorsement and rejecting a potential tenant. But be aware that the sample letters at are not a substitute for legal advice.

New job-related rejection letters address: transfer and leave requests, projects, client issues, and interviews.

These free sample letters are polite yet firm. Pick a letter that’s close to your situation and alter it to suit your situation.

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