Cover Letter Templates

by kevin on March 4, 2020

My website now has more than 300 cover letter templates. I recently added even more free letters to download, customize, and print.

There are sample letters for job-hunting, sales, academics, housing, grants, immigration, and other situations.

These cover letter templates are a great starting point when you’re having trouble finding the right words. also has articles and tips on how to write a great cover letter.

The new resume cover letters at the site cover: a weekend job, a position in agriculture, a restaurant server, a day care specialist, a graphic designer, and a model. Other letters address specific vacancies, a mid-level job, and a project manager opening. Another template is intended for seeking a job after being laid off, and another template is for a worker who wants to transfer to another job within the same company. There’s also a new cover letter with wording for a job-seeker with a felony conviction.

Also new at are: an artist statement, a fellowship cover letter, a distinguished alumni nomination letter, a spousal visa letter, and a letter for a minister.

Some of the letters visually match the resume templates at

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