Tooth Fairy Letters and Other Toothy Printables

by kevin on March 12, 2020

Are you the Tooth Fairy? Or know such an etherial creature? The letters from the Tooth Fairy at website are a magically handy resource, and there’s a free version of everything.

There are several new letter templates along with fairy poems, coloring pages, and forms at

The new Tooth Fairy letter topics include: a reminder to not force a tooth out, a first molar, tooth-brushing advice, and a fairy who is late on tooth pickup and delivery.
The site also has letters for extraordinary situations as well as new checklists for noting why a tooth was rejected and other issues. Some letters answer questions about the Tooth Fairy, such as how the fairy knows when a tooth has been lost and the best place to leave a tooth. I’ve also added more letters for older kids, such as a skeptical kid and a scamp who tried to pass off a fake tooth.

My favorites are the new miniature letters. Each printable comes with a fairy-sized envelope to cut out and fold. Then, just slip it under the pillow. (Oops; I mean the Tooth Fairy slips it under a pillow.” also has stationery, IOUs, fill-in-the-blanks letters for children to send, and a lost tooth record for parents.

There are 115 printables at the site altogether. Each item is free to download and print in PDF form. The letters and forms are also available in a premium editable DOC version for $5 each. Choose the DOC if you’d like to type into the letter, adding names and other personalization, before printing.

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