Printable Grocery Lists and Menu Planners

by kevin on June 23, 2020

New grocery lists, along with menu planners and shopping lists, are up and ready to print for free at

There are new shopping lists for a variety of needs, plus several specialty lists designed with the Covid-19 pandemic in mind, such as pantry staples and a delivery tracker.
The new shopping lists include: baking supplies, first aid kit, household products, and pet supplies. There’s also a scarce items list and a stockpile list. Plus, I’ve added a few blank lists.

A new weekly dinners menu planner has been added to

A What’s in the Freezer list will help you know what you have on hand, while other new lists and a “When Will I Run Out tracker” help manage delivery and auto-ship plans.

There are new grocery budgets as well, including trackers and planners for overall expenses, by store, and for deliveries.

Other specialty grocery lists at are based on food sensitivities or restrictions. Plus, print illustrated expiration labels, pre-filled shopping checklists, packing lists, substitutions lists, pantry lists, holiday lists, and mini lists, and even a coordinated coupon binder with a price guide and budgeting tools.

Each of the 311 printables at the site is free to download and print in PDF or editable DOC format. With the DOC version, it’s easy to type in list items or a menu using Microsoft Word or another compatible program.

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