New Website Features Printable Patents

by kevin on June 11, 2020

My new website,, makes it easy to add personality to your home or office with printable patents.

The designs range from classy to quirky, and you’ll find patents suitable for framing to print for home chefs, gamers, nerds, writers, and others. Each authentic patent design has a free and premium version and is available with several exclusive backgrounds in a variety of sizes.
Each of the 60 designs at can be downloaded and printed at home for free in 300 dots-per-inch resolution at up to 11-by-17 inches. Or, there’s a paid, premium option to download higher-resolution patents for printing at home or a print shop in 18×24 or 16×20 poster sizes. has drawings of home appliances, musical instruments (an accordion, a clarinet, and a piano), vehicles, and more. The electronics patents and game and entertainment patents include: a rotary telephone, a Wii remote, and an Atari console.
Other patents include: a cuckoo clock, a barbecue, an airplane, a pocket watch, a wind turbine, and a helicopter boat car.

I’ve also included a few funny patents, such as for toilet paper and a disappearing toilet. Use them as bathroom décor!

= The background choices for each patent are: blueprint, blackboard, chalkboard, and parchment. The free PDF download is available in 5×7, 8.5×11, or 11×17 inch size to easily print on a home or office printer. A high-resolution 18×24 or 16×20 patent poster is $12.99 or $9.99, respectively, and is in JPG format for printing on a large-format printer. Or, have posters printed at your expense at a local print shop or elsewhere.

“My favorite is a retro computer console patent,” Savetz said. “I’ll be adding more patent designs in the future, so there will be even more choices.”

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