Printable Time Cards

by Kay on December 17, 2020

If you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or simply need to track your work hours, you’ll want to check out the nearly 300 time cards at

I’ve just added new time cards with alternate layouts and time-tracking periods. There are 24 new designs in all. Regardless of which you choose, each time card is free as a PDF to write on by hand, or $7 for a DOC version you can type into using Microsoft Word or another compatible program.

The new cards join the daily, weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly, six-month, and yearly time cards, which also has versions for multiple rates of pay and calculating overtime.

There are also new full-page monthly time cards with the month in bold print and space for listing two work shifts each day, with a break. Another easy-to-use layout is formatted like a calendar.

I’ve also added new printable driver logs for delivery or rideshare drivers who need to track mileage and other information. also has specialty cards for unusual schedules and time intervals and for tracking multiple projects and clients. There are even designs that are compatible with commercial time clocks that punch or stamp the time. You’ll also find large print time cards, cards for volunteers and mini time cards with several on each sheet.

For more complex time sheets, including files that can perform calculations, head to sister site

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