Regrets Only: Sample Apology Letters

by kevin on February 16, 2021

For those times when you have to say you’re sorry, there are hundreds of apology letter templates at my website Each is free for your personal use!

I’ve added even more example apologies for a variety of business and personal missteps and issues. Just choose a letter template that’s close to your situation and type into it to adjust the wording as-needed.

Some letters tackle minor errors while others address serious or egregious professional or personal mistakes. Several sample letters include wording for proposing amends or listing ways to improve.

I’ve added new letters that cover: going over budget, using your position for leverage, a “small mistake,” bothering a colleague, and refusing to attend a gathering.

You’ll also find templates relating to workplace issues such as: proofreading problems, failing to following through, sending too many emails, and various technology fails.

New personal apology letters deal with arguments, including “agreeing to disagree.” Other letters say sorry for failing to pick someone up, neglecting to check on something, or for forgetting dietary restrictions.

Rounding out the new additions are letters that help children and teens word an apology unfinished homework assignments.

The site also has articles with tips on how to craft apology letters. Any of the templates at can be downloaded in editable DOC form, or simply cut and pasted directly from the site.

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