Family Trees and Genealogy Printables

by kevin on February 11, 2021

I’ve added two dozen new family tree templates and ancestry charts to, and now genealogy buffs have more than 400 family history printables from which to choose.

The new family trees and forms range from decorative tree designs to ancestry charts.

There are new illustrated family trees especially for step-families, with room to write in names and vital statistics about step-parents and siblings. Plus, find full-color and black-and-white versions of family trees with room to record up four generations.
The new genealogy forms include a research repository checklist, a family unit history sheet, and a set of keepsake worksheets with decorative titles such as “Memories With.”

The site also has decorative wedding family trees as well as trees and charts for school projects. There are cousin charts and “reverse family trees” that visually work backward starting with the most-distant generation. Or, print hourglass, fan chart, bowtie, radial, or circular “trees.” There are even family trees for cats, dogs, and other pets

Some of the designs at have space for names and details for as many as 12 generations of family members. The poster-sized large family trees are designed for a large-format printer, or they can be sent to a print shop.

Everything at the site is free as a PDF to be printed out and written upon by hand. In most cases, a DOC version that can be typed into using Microsoft Word is available for $4.

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