Free Character Reference Letter Templates

by kevin on January 29, 2021

If you need vouch for someone else in business, academic, legal, or personal matters, be sure to check out the character reference letters at

Like everything at the site, the 20 new letter templates are free for personal use. Simply pick a letter that’s close to your situation and type into it to adjust the wording as-needed.

There are now 288 sample character reference letters at The site also has several articles with tips on writing a reference letter or asking someone to write a letter for you.

The newest letters include sample references for a private investigator and a political candidate. Other new letters are especially of use during the coronavirus pandemic, such as a Covid-safety testimonial and references for delivery drivers, essential workers, and gig workers.

I’ve also added short testimonials for a trustworthy coach, a costumed actor, a tour guide, a college entry consultant, and a personal shopper. also has templates relating to legal matters such as probation, immigration, and adoption. A new letter relates to a name change, and there’s a letter for speaking on behalf of someone who was wrongfully convicted of a crime.

Download any template in DOC format to customize, or simply cut and paste the text directly from the site.

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