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by kevin on September 16, 2021, a popular website now has 430 free printable banners.

The new banners are supplemented by the custom banner maker, which lets site visitors instantly generate their own banners for free.

The pre-designed banners print one per sheet of paper or cardstock with big, bold lettering that’s easy to read. You can tape the sheets to a wall, assemble them on a string, or display the message however you choose.

I’ve added a few new pandemic-related banners, including safety messages and information banners announcing the availability of vaccines.

Also new are colorful new banners in color that advertise: burgers, corn, donuts, fresh pie, hot dogs, ice cream, milkshakes, pizza, pretzels and sandwiches. Also new is an ice sign in cool blue and a taco truck banner. Tasty! also has just-added banners stating: fire danger, evacuation center, Tax Day, and locker room. Plus, find celebration banners for the class of 2022. There are also Game Day banner for sporting events.

The site also has holiday banners, birthday banners, church banners, best wishes banners, banners for classrooms, and lots more.

Of course, there’s the site’s free banner maker. To make a custom banner, just choose a text color, font and style (filled or outline). Then, download and print.

Remember, everything at is free.

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