Printable Time Cards

by kevin on September 10, 2021

Business owners, freelancers, or anyone else looking to track time worked can choose from nearly 300 time card at There’s a free version of each card to instantly download and print.

The 14 new time card designs make it possible to track work hours while taking into account overtime or deductions. I’ve also added several new work logs for self-tracking work hours or multiple jobs and clients. has daily, weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, six-monthly, and yearly time cards. Some account for multiple rates of pay while other specialty cards include large-print time cards, time stamp machine-compatible cards, cards for volunteers, and mini time cards.

Plus, find daily, bi-weekly and monthly cards for double and triple overtime. There are also cards with fields on which to factor additional pay for bonuses, paid time off, or deductions.

Each time card is available in both free PDF and $7 editable DOC (Microsoft Word) format. With the editable version, users can adjust the template and type into it to add company details before printing.

If you need more complex time sheets, including XLS spreadsheets that can perform calculations, head to sister site Also, there are nearly 1,600 business forms at

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